Training Information

Dr. Bhamare conducts two certification programs for gynecologists -

  1. Certification in basic gynecological endoscopy
  2. Certification in advanced gynecological endoscopy


The program provides gynecologists with a firm theoretical background in diagnostic and operative gynecological endoscopy, in combination with the development of clinical competence in operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

The teaching is in the form of seminars, small group tutorials, workgroups and hands-on supervised clinical training.


The applicant should be a postgraduate gynecologist and be competent in both written and spoken English.


  1. Instrumentation, surgical safety and risk assessment.
    This module considers the theory of optics and electronics of equipments, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy instruments and the recording of operative images.
  2. The principles of safe laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries.
    This module Including recognition and treatment of complications.
  3. Evidence based practice and critical appraisal.
    Within this module students will learn the skills of evidence based practice, including the process of turning clinical problems into a searchable questions, searching databases for evidence and incorporating evidence into practice

Certification in basic gynecological endoscopy

Equipment and instrumentation

  1. Equipment and instrumentation
  2. Patient selection and workup
  3. Operation theatre preparations
  4. Hands on training on Pelvi trainer
  5. Surgical videos and technique
  6. Observing and assisting surgeries
  7. Surgical cases
    1. Diagnostic hysteroscopy
    2. Diagnostic laparoscopy
    3. Diagnosis and treatment of small issues in infertility
    4. Dye test, pco drilling, early endometriosis, flimsy adhesions etc.
    5. Ovarian cyst
    6. Ectopic pregnancy
    7. Tubal cannulation
    8. Glimses of advanced gynae endoscopic surgeries
  8. Post operative recovery and pain management
  9. Disease management

Certification in advanced gynecological endoscopy

  1. Revisiting basic endoscopy
  2. Advanced surgical techniques and application of medical physics in gynecological endoscopy
  3. Revisiting basic endoscopy
  4. Advanced surgical techniques and application of medical physics in gynecological endoscopy
  5. Technique of intra and extras corporeal suturing
  6. Pathophysiology and management of adenexal disease
  7. Pathophysiology and management of endometriosis
  8. Pathophysiology and management of adhesions
  9. Pathophysiology and management of uterine diseases
  10. Pathophysiology and management of gynecological malignancies
  11. Surgeries - operative hysteroscopy polypectomy, myomectomy, adhesiolysis, septum resection, metroplasty
  12. Operative laparoscopy for advanced endometriosis and chocolate cyst, intra abdominal and pelvic adhesions, ubo-ovarian masses, uterine fibroids, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, sling surgeries for prolapse, gynaecological malignancies (staging, biopsy, debulking, werthiems), emergency cases.

This training module will help in understanding current technologies in gynecological endoscopy, applied physics in energy sources, enhance skill in intra corporeal suturing and understanding abnormal anatomy.


All modules are formally assessed with a written assignment, objective structured clinical examination, log book and case based discussions.

Participants completing the certification course can be provided with clinical and surgical help in their own cases at respective places for managing their patients.

Currently the programs are held at Zen Hospital and Lifelline Hospitals, Mumbai.

To enroll in any of the certification programs, please write to or Whatsapp +91 98201 43940

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